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Courtiers may find to their dismay that there is renewed interest in the Duchess when she appears in the Waitrose car park, on a yacht in the Med or in tweeds in Scotland during the two months off the Queen has so generously given her and William before their next public appearance in September.

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Most local governments have placed temporary moratoriums on marijuana businesses since Washington voters legalized recreational marijuana production and sales in 2012. County Commissioner Mike

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Karnofski said county officials waited until the state Liquor Control Board released its regulations late last year before setting out to build a regulatory framework for the local marijuana trade. County officials said Tuesday that much of the marijuana regulations will be governed by the state, and that the county is interested mostly in land use regulations.

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First, it matters how a board is put together and for what purpose. In a for profit enterprise, boards represent the interests of investors; in co operatives, they represent the members; in a not for profit, the community. As the university is quasi public, its board exists to steer the institution in the public interest. The provincial government, as representative of the public interest and as the largest funder, is rightly entitled to appoint a large proportion of the board five out of 11. Others are appointed by the university senate, a body representing graduates and professions, or come from the faculty and students. All those who make appointments have the responsibility to choose individuals who do not simply represent that group’s interests, but rather, help guide the university to be successful in its public mission. Arguably, this responsibility is greatest for the government because it appoints the most members.